Box Office – Quiz Admission

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Welcome to the Hot Spot Quiz TV – Live Box Office

You can pay securely through the PayPal “Pay Now” button below for admission into any of our fab on-line Hot Spot Quiz TV – Live! Events.

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to gain entry into a Hot Spot Quiz TV – Live event. You can easily use any of the popular credit or debit cards you might have to pay for your Entry Fee.

Admission into ta Hot Spot Quiz TV – Live event starts from a mere £3 per team, (less than the cost of a pint of beer).

We now offer an optional multi-tier payment option.

You can choose to pay more than the £3 basic entry fee, especially if you believe that you are getting good value for money out of your experience.. This enables you to show your appreciation of the event on a sliding scale. The optional payments are structured like this…

£3 = The 3 & Easy Entry – (basic flat entry fee)
£4 = The Thankful 4 Entry
£5 = The Fab-Time 5 Entry
£6 = The Super-Satisfied 6 Entry
£7 = The Magnificent 7 Entry
£8 = The Exuberant 8 Entry
£9 = The Knockout 9 Entry
£10 = The Totally Terrific 10 Entry

Winners on the quiz will enjoy prize money that is calculated based on 20% of the basic £3 flat fee paid by all the teams taking part or can alternatively take FREE ENTRY as their prize into the next regular Hot Spot Quiz of their choice.

Example:- If a 100 teams take part, 1st = £30, 2nd = £20 and 3rd = £10

Prize money would be awarded to each of the winning recipients in a direct money transfer, via PayPal.

After tonight the next scheduled Super-SIMulcast Hot Spot Quiz will be on Thursday 13/05/2021 “Live From The Zoom Cupboard” – 7:30pm ready for an 7pm (GMT+1) start – The Online Entry Fee starts from £3.

Tonight’s Hot Spot Quiz Friday 7th May) goes Live From The Zoom Cupboard at 7:30pm for the usual warm-up, ahead of the 8pm (GMT+1) START!

For up to the minute details on joining in with tonight’s event go to

Please choose what amount you would like to pay…

Please note:- that you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal confirming that your payment has gone through.

The Email will contain your PIN number for the SpeedQuizzing Live APP and your Password for tonight’s Zoom Hot Spot Quiz TV – Live event.