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Corporate / Public House / Special Event Quizzes

Manchester Storm -

Manchester Storm –

The Hot Spot Quiz is ideal in a corporate or private one off situation. Whether it be serious team-building or a light-hearted breath of fresh air for your employees and management. It can be played over a desk for some out of business hours for some fast and furious office fun.

For more details on any of the exciting formats below, give us a call during office hours and we’ll work with you to give you an unforgetable experience you will want to relive time and time again!

In The Office

In a fun and cheeky way it’s a great corporate leveler and gives those under you chance to take full advantage of you over a desk, while you as management get to whoop their metaphorical backside. It’s brain and quick-wittedness against the same, regardless of position. Those under you can exercise their power-play over you. For all the mentalists in the office, it’s a game that they will really look forward to play, you can bet on it! They will want to play you, to beat you and turn the tables on you if only for a short time. Everyone will wanna go hard and take on the authority figures or their office rivals.

We can tailor the questions to suit you and add extra exciting fun games to play as well, so you can deeply enjoy the fast and furious, cut and thrust of a smartphone quiz. We’ll have you screaming for more. Don’t labor over how to entertain your staff, try our brand spanking new Hot Spot Quiz tomorrow!

Please note that although it very exciting to play over a desk in your office, we can also host a full corporate Hot Spot Quiz night out of hours, at maybe a works party or dinner dance.

In A Public House

If you own or manage a pub and are considering starting up a Quiz Night, don’t mess around with the old fashioned paper quiz that everyone cheats on and try the quiz of the future that will have your regulars asking for a regular night.

We can offer you a presenter and everything that is needed for a series trial nights, over a 6 week period. So rather than you commit to a weekly event, it would give you chance to evaluate how well it works for you and your venue, before you commit.

At A Wedding or Charity Event


We can offer you a very special bespoke Hot Spot Quiz that we can completely tailor and personalise to suit your needs. However you want to set up the scenario, we can make it work, girls against boys or his against hers….or simply any player win with the theme of the quiz being the “Bride and Groom“.

Charity Events

The Hot Spot Quiz is an ideal tool for raising money in a fun and light-hearted way. If you are organising a fundraiser involving large numbers, this is just what you need. We have a number of scenarios that we can suggest depending on your timescale and numbers. Give us a call for more details.