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To start playing the Hot Spot Quiz you first have to download the "Speedquizzing APP" this can be done via one of two links depending on which type of smartphone, tablet or mobile device you intend to use.

Apple based phones and tablets like iPhones and iPads need to follow the link to the Apple iTunes Store where a special version of the APP built just for them is downloadable, totally free of charge.


The download-able FREE APP is for both phone and tablet platforms. It is essentially the same APP for both but configured diferently two work on each.

If you have an Apple based device you can get it though your iTunes account.

However if you are the proud owner of an Android phone or tablet from manufactures like Samsung - LG - PNG ect. is also readily available FREE of charge through the Google Play Store.

  - Apple / iPhone / iPad app - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

 - Android Phone or Tablets - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD