Welcome to Hot Spot Quiz

The Hot Spot Quiz is a popular and recognised Smartphone Quizzing company powered by one of the world’s most popular and adopted Quizzing Software Platforms – SpeedQuizzing.

Through our growing Quizzing company Hot Spot Quiz, we have successfully reached out to many brewery’s, to bring their establishments a fun, lively, easy to play smartphone quiz to their respective pubs, restaurants and hotels across the North West of England.

Over ten years ago we became the very first adopters of the SpeedQuizzing software in the North West of England. Through our popularity and interest shown in what we were achieving, we were asked to train people how to host and present their own quizzes using the SpeedQuizzing software platform.

These days that has grown into an Academy, the Hot Spot Quiz Academy. A place online and in the psychical world where we instill the knowledge and skills we have achieve into new, young and talented presenters.