The Hot Spot Quiz Super-SIMulcast!

What is Hot Spot Quiz Super-SIMulcast ?

Now the world is beginning to come out of lock-down, it is now possible to play our Hot Spot Quiz Live both at home or alternatively in the Pub. Using our brand new Super-SIMulcast service you can chose to enjoy playing the quiz in the pub again or at home as you have been doing during the lockdown period, giving you even more of a resemblance of normality.

With that in mind we have taken the Hot Spot Quiz online! Hot Spot Quiz Live! is an online collaborative quiz game, powered by the SpeedQuizzing platform that enables users from right around the country and in other countries around the world.

With a small and very affordable entry fee you or a whole team / family can take anyone else online at set game times to win money prizes!

There are 3 main types of questions, letters questions, number questions and multiple choice. Each team is presented, via an Android or iPhone, with a selection of three different screens to answer the questions.

There is a speed bonus element built into the quiz as well, so if you have a fast finger and well as a fast brain, it will help.

The new Super-SIMulcast feature now enables you to continue to play the SpeedQuizzing Live version of the Hot Spot Quiz Live anywhere you may be.

play on your phone at home
Yes you can play it your phone at home or in the pub via our new Super-Simulcast option…

Utilising the power of the internet and the latest in mobile phone technology, we can now stream the whole quiz from each Hot Spot Quiz Live venue directly to you through our new Super-SIMulcast broadcast. So wherever you are in the world you can play individually or as a family in the new groups feature if you’re still isolating.

What Do You Need To Play…?

To take part and play against everyone else online, you will need two things…

  1. An Android Phone / Apple iPhone or Kindle

  2. A Laptop, Apple Computer or iPad

Your Phone…important!

The Phone is the device that you use to answer the questions with. If you’ve ever played a SpeedQuizzing smartphone quiz before, you will be very familiar with the concept. However with this new live version you will need a specially dedicated LIVE version of the APP.

You will be provided with an access code to type into the login TEAM NAME part of the APP once you have paid a very small and affordable entry fee (£3 via PayPal)

Apple iPhones are supported for with this APP. –

You can also use an Android device! –

Note: You may need to Allow Apps From Unknown Sources in the device’s security settings to allow the app to install.

Download the APP for your Apple or Android phone right now!

SpeedQuizzing Live APP
SpeedQuizzing Live APP

Your Laptop – Mac – Kindle

To enable to immerse yourself fully into the Hot Spot Quiz TV – Live! event fully, you will need a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, Mac Book, PC, Kindle or even a second phone. You need any one of these devices to be able to hear the questions spoken by your presenter and occasionally see various images that might be relevant to the questions asked.

Prior to showtime you will be invited on the new Hot Spot Quiz TV – Live Facebook group, to follow a LIVE ZOOM Conferencing link.

Please ensure that you become a member our Facebook group and look out for notifications on the day of each event. You can find and join our dedicated group at – CLICK!

Hot Spot Quiz TV Live! – FB Group