Ramsay’s Quizzing Nightmares

Ramsay's Quizzing Nightmares
Ramsay's Quizzing Nightmares + Dad Steve

Team Name :- “Ramsay’s Quizzing Nightmares”

Team Rating :- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Players :- Alasdair & Aimee Team

Social Media :- Twitter – @RamsaysNightmares

Team Characterisation :- Chilled

Backup Squad :- Gill & Steve (Mum & Dad)

Emergency Reserve :- Adam

Rivals Include :- The Dead Parrots, The Yaks, Dave Jones

Specialist Subjects :- Harry Potter & Formula 1

Power Up Refreshment :- Wine & Beer

Team Buzzer :- Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

Top Quiz Playing Venues :- The Zoom Cupboard – The World, The White Hart – Woodley, The Joshua Bradley – Gee Cross, The Greyhound – Bredbury

Team Mascot :- Betty (The Cat)

Team Bio :- Ramsay’s Quizzing Nightmares are a fabulous husband and wife team made up of Alasdair and Aimee. They have been playing the Hot Spot Quiz since it’s inception way back in 2011. They have gone through various team names over the years but are now settled on their current one.They have had an array of additional team members made up of friends that they have grown up with from their early days at school, but these days have the back-up and support of mum and dad Steve and Gill.The avidly play the Friday night Zoom Cupboard Quiz with almost 100% attendance. When possible they have also attended the live Hot Spot Quizzes in local venues including The White Hart and in the early days of the quiz, The Joshua Bradley When playing at home on the Zoom Cupboard Quiz, they enjoy the support of Team Mascot Betty the house cat. Other previous mascots have been their small collection of fish, however they tend not to hang around for too long before they pass over to the other side. Their energy refreshment of choice and particular favourite libation are Red Wine for Aimee and Beer for Alasdair. They have been known to supplement their energy levels by powering up on a Uber Eats / Takeaway or a quickly rustled together stir fry. Although not big or even regular winners, they have both supported the Hot Spot Quiz with their attendance massively over the years and also with technical support. During the Covid lockdown periods of 2020 and 2021 they were and still are keen Zoom Cupboard players. Playing almost right the way through Aimee’s pregnancy with Louis. Alasdair has revealed his wealth of knowledge and his passion for Formula 1. He shares his fascinating insights into the world of motor racing whenever it’s brought up. Aimee has always been a great conversationalist and has kept the chat going constantly both during and especially after the Zoom Quiz had come to an end. Being friendly to everyone, chatty and very sociable generally are definitely much appreciated and redeeming qualities of them both. They are very much a valued members of our Hot Spot Quiz community.

Notable Episodes :- The one where…

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