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Blog-Spot-Logo-320-x-460Welcome to the Hot Spot Quiz “Blog” page. Each week we will attempt to keep you up to date with latest happenings on the quiz. Please feel free to ask any questions as I would love to here your thoughts or suggestions or maybe ways I can improve any aspect of the Hot Spot Quiz for you. Please drop me an email at


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Hot Spot Quiz recommend the 7″ Kindle Fire Tablet

Your Hot Spot Quiz Team will be on Kindle Fire

Your Hot Spot Quiz Team will be on Kindle Fire

As a leading interactive tablet quiz platform provider in the North West of England, we here at the Hot Spot Quiz highly recommend the 7″ Kindle Fire Tablet to do the job you want it to do.

The Kindle Fire Tablet is a winner in our books. It’s light, simple to use and is a sheer joy to both work and play with. They boot up well within a minute, they come with a great operating system that is very simple to navigate around. They have a beautiful 7″ IPS display (171 ppi / 1024 x 600) screen that is perfectly sensitive to the touch. As a main stream hand held tablet, you will find them incredibly fast and very responsive. They come equipped with 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and  both rear- and front-facing cameras, which is a must these days.

They are the ideal machine for the purposes we use them for, playing the new ground breaking type quiz, the Hot Spot Quiz. The only fun, fully interactive phone or tablet based quiz pub quiz around. Kindles work better than a phone, offering a larger, clearer, brighter screen, perfect for the Hot Spot Quiz. Retailing at a fraction of the cost of it’s nearest equivalent competitor, these are a super piece of kit, not just for the Hot Spot Quiz but for reading the latest downloadable book, browsing the internet or playing any one of 1,000’s of APP based games available from Amazon Underground, their new app store.

“Your Hot Spot Quiz team will be on Fire using a Kindle Fire Tablet!”

Amazon 7" Kindle Fire Tablet buy now!

Amazon 7″ Kindle Fire Tablet buy now!

You can order yours online right now through leading online marketeer Amazon, click through for details – 7″ Kindle Fire

If you too are a smartphone quiz provider and looking at getting some to hand out at your quiz night, you may be interested to know that if you order 5 Kindle Fire Tablets, they will give you a 6th one totally FREE OF CHARGE!

Here at Hot Spot Quiz we have been using them now for over 7 months without a single problem of any kind and we are looking at adding more to our service as our quiz nights grow and grow.



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Hot Spot Quiz Night at The Urmston Pub

Hot Spot Quiz Night at The Urmston Pub

We’re Back…!

Tonight the Hot Spot Quiz, ‪‎FingerFlickers‬ is back. After a weeks absence from The Urmston for personal reasons. However I will be back with you, my mad, rowdy, loyal and trusty band of Pub Quizzers‬, firing on all four cylinders.

Hot Spot Quiz Night at The Urmston Pub

The Urmston Pub

Bank Holiday Week

The great news besides the Hot Spot Quiz being back is that being Bank Holiday week, it’s also double chance time tonight on ‪‎Play Your Cards Right‬ as we have up to six attempts on the big cash big board game. If you’re still not lucky enough to win on it and your the sixth one up we’ll move into the envelope game with ‪#‎DoubleTheContents‬ as prizes. Instead of £1 it will be £2, instead of £5 it will be £10 and instead of £10 it will be £20!!!

Borrow a Hot Spot Quiz Tablet

Borrow a Hot Spot Quiz Tablet

Do you need to borrow a Kindle Tablet?

Remember if you haven’t got a tablet or end up with a flat battery on your phone and need to borrow one of the Kindle Fire Tablets I lend out, it’s first come, first severed. Kindles are our recomended tablet of choice. They are very easy to set up and use and very very reasonable in price, retailing through at only £49.99. The are light, look smart, and come in a range of colours. The battery life is great as well and will easily see anyone through more then two quiz night without any problems at all.

Play Your Card Right at The Urmston

Play Your Card Right at The Urmston

Play Your Cards Right Rules

The two basic rules are:- Ace’s are classed as the “High” card (the highest value) and you get and win “Nothing For A Pair” of cards that match one after another.

We use ten cards all together. After all the cards have been independently shuffled and cut, we deal nine cards, face down up on the board in three rows of three. These nine cards are followed by a tenth card which will is the next card off the top of the pack, this is the starter card. The “starter card” is the only card you can change if you are not happy with it. You only get to change this card once.

Play Your Cards Right Cash Prize at The Urmston Pub

Play Your Cards Right Cash Prize at The Urmston Pub

We then work our way across and down the board, card by card with each next card being predicted as being “Higher” or “Lower”. Each prediction has to be correct to proceed onto the next card. If you successfully clear / predict all the cars to the end of the third row, you win the cash jackpot prize that night.

The Prize: – The “Cash Prize” is never less than £50 and never more than £500.

If your unsuccessful clearing the board, you are then out of the game and another ticket is drawn for someone else chance to attempt to clear the board. All in all there are three chances to clear the board in any one night, but each attempt is by a different person unless they have more than one ticket drawn, giving them a second or third chance to clear the board.

The Envelope Game

If whoever is last to attempt to win on Play Your Cards Right also fails to win the Cash Jackpot, they are automatically put through to the Envelope Game. The game is a simple choice of one of three envelopes, X, Y and N. Each of the envelopes has a cash prize within. One has £1, another has £5 and the third has £10. All they have to do to win this consolation prize by choose one of the envelopes, whichever they chose they win!

The Hot Spot Quiz Blog Spot

The Hot Spot Quiz Blog Spot

The Quiz Rules and Times

The usual rules, you’ve got to be in to win and it all kicks off just after 9pm and the questions end just after 11:00pm with Play Your Cards Right straight afterwards – get on down to the Urmston Pub tonight and see you all there.

Why not Bookmark this page and keep up to date with our bi-weekly blog?


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The Moss Vale Wednesday Night Hot Spot Quiz Night

The Moss Vale Wednesday Night Hot Spot Quiz Night


We’re looking forward to be starting the Hot Spot Quiz down at The Moss Vale Pub on Lostock Road in Urmston on Wednesday 16th June.

If you’re a regular in the Vale, please pop in and have a go or if you live in the Trafford / Urmston area and have never given a smartphone quiz a go before, broaden your horizons and get a little excitement in your life.


It’s fun, it’s free and so so easy to play.


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26-02-15-The-Urmston-Fulltime-ScoresThursday  – 26th February 2015 – The Urmston

Hot Spot Quiz Mugs In The Middle Mug On Tour - Parsippany New Jersey 24-02-15

Parsippany, New Jersey – USA

Tonight at The Urmston was quite a normal night on the Hot Spot Quiz, which as far as numbers of teams were concerned. We had 16 wonderful teams. We were missing some key players like Baz of team formally know as The Uneducated, who has been stuck “working” in America. Evidence of which was provided in the form of a Hot Spot Quiz Mug on Tour photo from a hotel restaurant in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA (see photo above). Also missing were our glamour pusses, Emma and Nicola of team 29ish and David and Julie of The 70’s Time Machine to name a few.

Onzio’s team had so many members tonight that at first they thought about splitting into 2 teams, but then changed their minds and went for one massive team. You have to keep in mind that having a big team can sometimes work against you When your up against the clock and under pressure to get the right answer, fighting over what 2 or 3 of you believe is the right answer can sometimes result in hitting the wrong answer all together.

A few team names reflected the recent tumble by Madonna at The Britt’s tonight, but sadly I don’t give out bonus points for creative team names but sometimes, I think I should.

Tonight’s Hot Spot Quiz was made up of just regular question and topics, no theme or agenda at all. We got underway at about 9:15ish and quickly sailed through the first round of questions.

The Fuzzy Heads surprised 1 or 2 of us with their quick fire knowledge of F1 racing, not just getting a question on motor sport right, but the only team to get it right as well. Well done Nicola and Emma, that’s the other Nicola and Emma not 29ish. Where else can you come across a pub quiz night where there are 2 teams with a Nicola and Emma in both.

The Buzzin Round saw me flying up and down the pub tonight, with Niamh Reagan’s team not just Buzzing in more than most, but getting a lot of right and a lot of wrong answers. The Fallen Madonnas were also keen with their finger, using the principle of Buzzin now and hopefully work out the answer before I got to them. It sometimes pays off but not every time lol.

The Music Round flummoxed a few teams as some didn’t know some of the tracks and some just didn’t recognise them despite knowing the full version. Then there’s the problem of saying Buzzin when you hear a certain Kylie track and then end up under pressure Buzzing in on a different Kylie track, because it was her, it must be right.

By the time we reached the end of the main part of the quiz, there was a clear winner, even before we did the big Nearest Wins question, sometimes referred to as the Nearest The Pin question. The team that were in the lead and the eventual winners, Carter Crowd got it right, distancing themselves further from 2nd place and comfortably affirming their lead by 73 points.

Daniel Sutton Hot Spot Quiz Mug 26-02-15Gajfpass (Gaff Pass), who were joined again by Jen, helping the rest of the team achieve a great and well fought for 2nd place. Happy to be 3rd were Clevedon Threw Madonna Down The Stairs, clinching the £10 Food and Drinks Voucher.

The lasting and most useful prize that everyone wants to win is the Mugs In The Middle Mug. The Alcoholics R’ Us team, have of late taken a bit of a break from the quiz, concentrating on the their studies and efforts, working hard on their jobs and their careers. It has to be said that they were joined by Jay (formally known as Johnathan) of The Uneducated.

It was great to see the one man who can make a difference, Michael, as team Flying Solo 4 Ever, however despite working hard on the quiz, he found some of the questions just weren’t falling his way and didn’t do as well as normal tonight.

We finally moved onto the big board game, Play Your Cards Right and with a shortage of my usual Dolly Dealer, Nicola, I called upon some the sophisticated beauty we know as Buffy. Hailing from the Clevedon posse, on asking, she without hesitation and with an air of professionalism, stepped forward to ably assist me. Having been a professional TV presenter in her native Canada, it was almost second nature for her for her to be the Hostess With The Mostess, even down to the cheesy game show poses – whoop! Somewhere with Rick, I think there’s footage of Buffy doing her thing tonight. I’d love to see it?

We got underway with the game and got no further than the second card on the first two attempts on the £450 cash jackpot. The 3rd and finial attempt was more successful, but only slightly, as we got as far as the 5th card before Niamh Reagan’s team crashed and burned. However as we do on the third and final attempt, if they are unsuccessful we drop into The Envelope Game. They had the usual choices of envelopes X, Y and N. They turned down N and Y and went with envelope labeled X. We opened it up to reveal that they had won £1.

So next week we are back up to £500 in the Play Your Cards Right kitty!!!

Special thanks to Alicia for helping screw up the raffle tickets again tonight and Matt for cashing up for me.

You are truly all a great gang of people who make the night what it is. It was great to see such another good turnout tonight at The Urmston and I’m already looking forward to next week. Let’s see if the “The Script” has already written for us…? Come along and find out for yourself.


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23-02-15-The-Joshua-Fulltime-ScoresMonday – 24th February 2015 – The Joshua Bradley

There’s a core loyal breed of Hot Spot Quizzers down at The Joshua Bradley, who for the most turn out every week. There may only be six or seven devout and regular teams, but they all count. Each team have a collective personality, some of which I rambled on about in last weeks marathon pre-blog round up on the personal Facebook site. I’m not one to repeat myself so I won’t. If you want to read it please go to my Facebook timeline and take a gander – (registered Facebook users only – READ).

This week The Syndicate Project were noticeable by their absence on the night. Their leader and focal point Tom is currently in the states on work related issues and without the glue of the blue. Some of the rest of the team didn’t make it with Indea stuck at the wrong end of the country partying down in London.

First in for role call on the night were Dumb And Dumber who re-badged themselves for the night as Just Dumb.

The Cranium Collective were next in…

Adam Perez 01A few weeks ago I pointed out that Adam was doubling up as Prez Hilton’s dead ringer.

However the latest look-a-like is also from their team. This time in the shape of Aimee who has a doppelganger who I spotted in one Aimee at Iceland 02of the latest Iceland TV adverts alongside Auzzie heartthrob Peter Andre …. The team went on to walk away with the nights Mugs In The Middle Prize Mug, making it their sixth one. Now for those of you that don’t know once you have collected your sixth Mug, it automatically entitles you to a 20 point head start on the next Hot Spot Quiz.

IMG_2022[1]Meat And Two Veg for the last two weeks have been relegated to just The Two Veg were joined this week by some new young blood, making up the Meat part of the quiz team. However this didn’t stop them getting relegated down into last palace and being rewarded with the Losers Lollies. So not a complete loss for them.

The Rusholme Ruffians made so simple and silly mistakes which saw them tumbling down the score board to next to last.

5o Yaks Not Out (aka The Yaks) were not on form at all this week, failing to make the top four let alone the top three. Whether it was the birthday celebrations of Shelagh or the tired and weary Rosa that wasn’t up to the mark I don’t know but, for them not very good.

Throughout the quiz we saw fastest finger after fastest finger and an avalanche of correct answers pouring out of The Dead Parrots. From a very early stage in the Hot Spot Quiz they pushed their lead further and further ahead of the rest. I won’t say it was a totally white wash, but at the close of play they were a good 109 points ahead of 2nd place. The perfect blend of young and not so young saw them not just win, but take the lead from a very early stage and retain it all the way through the quiz.

Unusually the newly re-named Just Dumb were right up to the last minute in 2nd place but got pushed down one as The Bradshaws stole it off them with the mega 60 Point Nearest Wins question, giving them the choice of the wine (red or white).

Thankfully there were no controversial Star Wars questions, or debates as to who got what answer first and who did or didn’t pinch any answers off other rival teams lol. However it did have a slight cock-up from me after asking The Bradshaws a Ken Dodd question on the Buzzin Round and them getting it wrong, I stupidly said no your wrong and went on to say the answer just as The Dead Parrots buzzed in with the right answer. Although they hadn’t heard me or realised that I had said the answer out load and went on to answer it with the right answer I couldn’t ethically give them the points. But as things were going, they didn’t the points in any way, anyway. Minor cock-up but at least not a controversial Star Wars question.

We rounded the night off with the big board game, Play Your Cards Right, where we had £180 on offer as the cash jackpot. After two failed attempts by other teams, we were left with The Rusholme Ruffians take to the board. Three cards away from the bottom they took a bribe off me for £135. We played out the game and thankfully for them, we found out that they would have lost the lot.

We’ve got £50 in the pot ready for next week and lets face it anything over the cost of your £1 raffle ticket makes it worth a flutter…?

We can’t wait to see you all next week, with fingers at the ready and phones and tablets charged up ready to do some Hot Spot Quizzing…!


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19-02-15-The-Urmston-Fulltime-ScoresThursday  – 19th February 2015 – The Urmston

There’s been a big delay on this weeks Thursday night review here on the Hot Spot Quiz Blog Spot, all due to a number of factors. However better late than never, here it is…

Shock, horror, what the heck has happened, we were down to 13 teams this week. Then you start to add in all the equations that made it such a low turn out. There was the over paid runners that like to think that they can kick a ball and live a superstar lifestyle, in other words the football. Then there was the fact it was half term and those lucky enough to have money left over from, Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday had just enough to splash out on a break somewhere with the kids. Not forgetting the well over hyped Eastenders Live Week, which saw everyone who cared about it, tuning in to see who killed someone called Lucy Beal. Yep the name escapes me too…?

For the previous three days you and especially me have been bombarded with texts, tweets and Facebook messages and post saying that it was Wellard, James Wilmot Brown, Ethel Skinner’s Little Willie or Dirty Den that did it. Who gives a “you fill in the blank”! – Really… come on get a life…!

Anyway, although we were down to 13 teams on the Hot Spot Quiz, they were some of the best quiz teams you could every hope for…

When we eventually got started after a few people with, lets say technical issues of their own, got themselves with a little help from me, sorted out. This was around 9:15 but OK and everyone was happy.

We did the first round as normal with 20 keypad, letters and numbers based questions. 6 Points for a correct answer and a bonus 4 points if you got it right fastest. Plain sailing and no problem….

50-Shades-of-Hot-Spot-01When we got to the second round, I thought I would be a little bit more adventurous than normal. On Facebook and Twitter I’d advertised part of the Hot Spot Quiz as being a 50 Shades Of Grey round, as I tried to do on Monday night. On Monday however at The Joshua Bradley in Gee Cross, Hyde, they were dead set against it, and having none of it. But this time tonight I decided to run with it…way hey!

Generally speaking as one off’s, most teams are up for specialty rounds and on the whole this night most teams were. However there were a few, I’ve got to admit, a few negative comments from the odd team or two. Jay, formally known as Johnathan (soon to be symbol or prince) of De Do Do Do Don’t  was one of the most vocal, even reached out to Facebook to comment that the 50 Shades Of Grey round was, lets say not very good. Typical bloke and what you would expect from someone who hasn’t read the books or watched the well over hyped film (which is cr*p and very very tame, no where as good as the books).

Admittedly, although not to everyone’s liking it was worth throwing in the few questions out of the 23 that I did for a laugh and to remain topical. I abandoned it after 15 questions, as everyone had taken to just guessing the answer before I’d even asked the question by then. Dispite a number of teams just guessing the answers in this round and amazingly getting them spot on, you the voting public voted with your fingers and said, enough was enough.

We got back to normal after a short break and started the regular Buzzin Round

Now up to now we don’t have a prize for the most stupid or daftest answer of the night, but if there was one, it would have easily been won by Hold Tite. One of their answers got me in absolute hysterics. The questions was…

“Which musical…(to be filled in)”

And the answer they came out with was – High School Musical.

That was it, I was just in complete fits of laughter after that and really struggled to compose myself and carry on. I very nearly did, pmsl!

We followed that with the traditional music round, but I kinda based that, all be it very loosely on 50 Shades by picking out a selections of songs with colours in the title, like Neil Diamond and his version of Red Red Wine.

We followed it after another break with the last round of multiple choice, letters and numbers questions, but for mega points and “Evil Mode” switched on for the first 4 questions.

One of the outstanding questions of the night for me was how did Hold Tite do so much better then Sick Swan…? Hold Tite along with The Extractors even did really well on the 50 Shades Of Grey round, far better than all the women in pub…go figure???


The Extractors

The overall conclusion on the quiz gave us “Mugs In The Middle” winners out of The Extractors, a regular team from well out of town who always make a point of joining in with us Mancs when they are around.

The third prize of £10 Voucher for Food & Drinks went to Chris and Buffy of Clevedon Nipple Clamps, second by two points winning the “buy food and drinks to the value of £10 and get £10 FREE were Carters Crowd. The overall winners and celebrating Jame’s Birthday were Gaff Bash, clinching the £20 food / drinks voucher.


Alicia and Melanie

At close of play was the big money higher or lower game, more commonly known as Play Your Cards Right. After two failed attempts our hopes were up for Gary and his band of merry quizzers (The Jansbury’s Stars) to finally walk away with the £500 Cash Jackpot Prize. However it wasn’t to be and on the night for a change they didn’t even get drawn out.

Two not so regulars, but no stranger to The Urmston were the happy couple who did so well that a big bribe had to go winging it way to them. With only 3 cards to go and the last one revealed being a good high one, I was obliged to offer them as sizable amount. £170 is what I offered them and with a slight hesitation they accepted it. We then went on to play the game out in full, as if they had not chosen to take the bribe and we found out to their happy satisfaction that if they had carried on, they would have lost the lot…!

Big thanks as ever go out to my prize Dolly Dealer, Nicola who did one of the things that she does best and so well. I mustn’t forget as I have in the past Alicia and Melanie (in the picture above), who help me with the marathon task of screwing all the raffle tickets up into balls ready for each Thursday night draw.

Well that very tempting £500 is on offer again next week on the big board game. But that’s not the be all and end all of Thursday night. it’s fast and fun finger action that is the Hot Spot Quiz. I know you will be back with us again as normal, but even so, again thanks for being there and making The Urmston the place to be on a Thursday.

I can’t wait to see you all again and maybe back up to full strength next week. Thanks everyone and long may it go on and on and on and on……


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16-02-15-The-Joshua-Fulltime-ScoresMonday – 16th February 2015 – The Joshua Bradley

The odds were stacked against us tonight at The Joshua Bradley. Hyde and the surrounding area is full of Manchester United fans, both active and armchair giving us a very low turnout – just 6 teams. With the match being shown on terrestrial TV, it meant every man, woman and their dog could see the match without being charged the earth to watch it by Sky TV. But as they say, it’s not the quantity that counts, it’s the quality.

As I arrived at 8 pm ready to set up, there was one team there waiting for me. The Two Veg who are made up of Keith and Simon, were keen and as eager as ever to join in, despite missing again the central element of their team, The Meat (their floating third member). I’ve got to point out that they show up on the score board as Tumbleweed as they never changed the name that was already on the tablet they borrowed off me.

Soon after saw Dumb And Dumber arrive one after another and then Jim Fixed Me Right Up (aka The Syndicate Project), The Dead Parrots, Oh Chimpanzee That and finally The Bradshaws.

Just before I started I did a little bit of a straw poll to see if they wanted me to slip in a 50 Shades Of Grey round that I had mad up following the launch of the film’s release over the weekend. However, it turned out no one had been to watch the film and very few had ready the book. They are quite a reserved crowd at The Joshua, not into whips, ropes, nipple clamps and bondage tape. Well not they were letting on to anyway lol. So I quickly scrapped the idea and went with the regular questions instead. Shame really, but you can’t give the public something that they just aren’t interested in if they don’t want it.

IMG_1957[1]We got under way at around 9:15 as I waited a little longer, just in case we had any latecomers. Our usual planned start is meant to be 9 pm, well that’s what we aim for.

Alice of Jim Fixed Me Right Up requested if I could make up a special Buzzer for them earlier on in the day, as anyone can do – Booty by Jenniefer Lopez. So they were delighted that on launching the app to join in with the quiz, to find sitting there in the list of 200+ Buzzers, was their’s. Also part of their team was mum Karen, who went all out over the weekend to celebrate her birthday in fine style next door in The Bluebell Suite. What a night that was.

IMG_1960[1]Dumb And Dumber have already asked me to get some Family Guy Buzzers made up for them to choose from, so hopefully later this week I should be able to do that for them, we’ll see.

There was an obvious absence of Shelagh, John, Rosa, Su, James and Tony of The Yaks tonight, as they were all individually doing other things, including watching the sodding football!!! – it shouldn’t be aloud!!! lol

IMG_1955[1]We got underway with the usual camaraderie, with Jim Fixed Me Right Up competing with Dumb And Dumber for the title of the loudest, liveliest and most interactive team. We had Dumb And Dumber jumping the gun and Buzzing In a little too early on some questions and Jim Fixed Me Right Up all fighting over the same iPad and ending up finger fighting to hit the right letters on the pad. Tom and Alex being under pressure to get the right answer out on a Star Wars question on the Buzzin Round ended up blurting out the wrong answer to me first but then getting the right one too late. I’ve got to take the first answer I’m given, sadly Alex was wrong with Tom coming out of the right answer. Alasdair of Oh Chimpanzee That on hearing Tom’s answer capitalised on this and Buzzed In to give me it, in effect stealing the answer, but you never know he might have known the answer anyway?

IMG_1953[1]All in all I think there was a fair share of Fastest Fingers tonight with every team getting quite a few in. At the close of play on the Hot Spot Quiz, it turned out The Two Veg were, as they put it Champions, winning the Mugs In The Middle Prize Mug for being downright average, their first and maybe not their last?

The real winners in the end were The Dead Parrots, with The Bradshaws clenching 2nd and Dumb And Dumber settling for 3rd. I say that they were the real winners, when you look at how much fun we all had, everyone in a way was a winner. A great and loyal band of finger flickers doing the quiz for the love of it, when all’s said and done.

IMG_1959[1]Before the night was through we also had our weekly play of the big board game Play Your Cards Right, or as it’s sometimes called the Higher Or Lower Game. Fresh from their 3rd place on the Hot Spot Quiz, Dumb And Dumber were drawn twice to have a go at winning tonight’s Cash Jackpot of £170. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for them as we drew a 3rd raffle ticket. The last try went to David of The Dead Parrots, who also they also didn’t win the top prize, went through to the consolation game, The Envelope Game. On this they got the top  at prize of £10, in effect getting back their initial investment and a small return as well! Not the biggy prize, but better than nothing at all.

Ok so we didn’t have the throngs of teams that we are used to tonight but I’m sure that next week we will see a bit of a turnabout and we were after all joined by some great regulars. So thanks to you all if you were one of them.


Click though for more details

I’ve got to mention before I close about two things. This coming Sunday (22nd February) there will be a brilliant Wedding Fayre held in The Bluebell Suite next door to The Joshua Bradley. It has been organised by my To Have And To Hold group of companies made up of To Have And To Hold, Magazine, TV and Directory in association with Slices Wedding Cakes. The doors will be open from 12 midday and it’s FREE ENTRY and FREE PARKING. There will also be a Catwalk Fashion Show by local Bridal House, Once Upon A Bride and there will also be free a Prize Draw.

The other event I must mention is our great Motown & Soul Night that is also being held in The Bluebell Suite but on the 21st March. It’s a dinner dance party night with myself DJing and great North West soul sensation Matt Philips, smoothly giving you some live renditions of the of Motown & Soul classics you know and love. Tickets are available right now from The Joshua Bradley, see manager Riccardo for more details and tickets (0161 406 6776).

If you didn’t make it this week, it goes without saying we missed you and always will. If you have never been down to The Joshua Bradley on Stockport Road in Hyde (SK14 5EZ) before on Quiz Night, please come in and pay us a visit. We will welcome you and definitely look after you. Show you the ropes and you never know you could win!!!


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12-02-15-The-Urmston-Fulltime-ScoresThursday  – 12th February 2015 – The Urmston

I never want to take the turnout for the Hot Spot Quiz for granted down at The Urmston, so I won’t. But when I arrived at my usual 8 pm the place was chocker, but it quickly dawned on me that there were the remains of a big funeral party lingering within the pub.

Due to the fact that half the people currently occupying most of the seats were men dressed in black suits with white shirts and black ties, once I’d got myself set up I hit upon the idea of playing the soundtrack to the classic Blues Brothers movie, despite the obvious connotations no one really cottoned on to what I’d done, which to me made all that more funnier. I know, quite irreverent and tactless really, but quite funny never the less. Especially when the people in the suites began jigging away in their seats and whats more singing along. At this point a few people began to cotton on and see the funny side. However as time drew on and I began to use my mic more and more as we got nearer the quiz start time, they began to disperse. Ok small things amuse small minds lol.

As more places became available, each place quickly got snapped up be one of the regular quiz teams. By start time (9 pm) we had 19 teams, with Laurel & Hardy being the last to join and holding up the start slightly.

Some times teams purposely come up with provocative or rude team names thinking that I won’t read them out, but I always do. The only real rule I set myself is that if the team name chosen is personal attack on someone else in any way it won’t get used and changed by myself for something different.

So when the team known as The Twats name themselves that, I will read it out as it’s self deprecating in away and they are obviously happy to be called that. Their choice..?

I hope you all enjoyed all the free treats of the shape of Lovehearts tonight. You know that I will always give you a little something at different times of the year. So with Valentines Day just around the corner, I had to give you these, from me to you. Happy Valentines Day and I hope you get some really nice surprises! Oh thanks for the cards tonight. I wasn’t expecting any really and that was a very nice surprise for me. You’re secrets safe with me lol.

As a little nod to the fact that it is Valentines Day on Saturday, I substituted the normal Buzzin Round for a cracking little set of 20 Valentines Day questions. No running around the pub like an idiot getting answers off teams tonight. There was a good mixture so old questions, some classic standard, some new and very relevant questions and one or two amusing one’s thrown in as well.

Although we were about four of our regular teams tonight, we thankfully had the man that can make a difference back with us, Michael who’s Flying Solo 4 Ever team didn’t quiet live up to the team name when the lucky lad was joined by the lovely Nicola, my regular Dolly Dealer on the P.Y.C.R. game at the end of the night. They formed a great and formidable team and were doing really well. Missing out on third place by a mere 56 points which is nothing on the Hot Spot Quiz, especially when you consider the very last question on the quiz is a Nearest Wins 60 pointer. Ok they wouldn’t have won, but they might have come third.

Great to have The Clevedon Curtains team back with us, tonight going by the great and topical team name of Fifty Shades Of Clevedon. They are the ones who latched onto third tonight, with Gaff Pass got second and Carters Crowd won back their favorite place, 1st.

Sick Swan floated up and down the scoreboard all night, hovering at their regular position 3rd but managing to get up to second and then drop down to finish in 6th.

The Fuzzyheads reunited tonight after last weeks fractionalised versions of their team, they came back together. It was great to see Anna, Mark and Nicola working together and got a respectable 5th place.

IMG_1685[1]The Twats walked off with tonight prized Mugs In The Middle Mug for their well deserved efforts, although they disappointed themselves after the previous weeks really great achievements. However they were still very pleased, amused and surprised to win the mug.

A couple of teams dropped off half way through the quiz as one joined forces with another and another just had to go home leaving us with 17 teams that finished in the end. Four Fingers In Cider became Seven Fingers In Cider as more joined their team. I’m guessing by next week we will have a Pair Of Hands In Cider???

As far as Fastest Fingers go, The Jansbury’s Are Back !!! seamed to have the most proving the point that even if you get loads of Fastest Fingers, it doesn’t mean your gonna win, do well fair enough, but not necessarily win.

Talking of The Jansburys, they were drawn out twice on Play Your Cards Right. They failed on their first attempt to win £500, but pulled out their own ticket for a second attempt, only to turn down £200 as a bribe to walk away two cards from the end. Then on the next to last card decided to go higher when they should have gone lower. Nearly a re-run of last weeks disastrous run by them.

The third and final attempt fell down to the Fifty Shades of Clevedon who didn’t get anywhere near as far down the board, but being third when straight into the Envelope Game and won £10.

So next week we will have the same capped Cash Jackpot Prize of £500 on offer on P.Y.C.R. It’s got to go soon or at least someone is bound to take a very tasty bribe?

Next week we should have most of the missing teams back with us, so my advice to you is get in early if you want a seat. For those of you who have not been down to The Urmston on Quiz Night, it’s no joke or sales pitch to get you in, it’s just a fact. If you want good or any seat, get in early.

I have a question / suggestion for you all. How do you feel about us doing the Play Your Cards Right game just before the last round on the quiz so that way, all those of you that would like to take part can do before you have to rush off home to get an early night. This will however make the finish of the quiz be a little later. What are your views. You can email me (, Facebook message me or even Tweet me @HotSpotQuiz with your thoughts.

If we do decide to introduce it, we won’t be doing it straight away to ensure everyone knows about it and to ensure that we get a full overall opinion of those that don’t look on the website or the Facebook site.

Finally, thanks to all of you for coming along and playing what I’m sure you agree is the best type of quiz around. It was ground breaking when we first started it over two years ago and it has grown and grown with more people joining us, maybe not everyone every week but as and when they can.

You really do make it what it is and I will do my part and give and reward you as much as possible with special rounds and occasionally extra prizes or treats to you all.

Every Thursday night is different and full of surprises, twists and turns and I really can’t wait for next week. See you all, same time, same place for another Fastest Finger race!


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09-02-15-The-Joshua-Fulltime-ScoresMonday – 9th February 2015 – The Joshua Bradley

It was a great night at the Joshua with eight teams arriving all ready to take on each other. Over past weeks The Bradshaw’s team had been sadly depleted with Phil and Jean on their travels, but tonight they returned to make a big impression, unfortunately not on the Hot Spot Quiz.

Meanwhile at the other end of the age spectrum, The Cranium Collective weren’t anywhere to be seen, so instantly down four people Adam, Aimee, Alasdair and Lawrence.

However on the other hand it was “Long time no see” for Alexandra and Ben. Yes we’ve not seen then since well before Christmas, us so it was great to have them with us tonight as team Wreking Ball Version SixPointNine.

We all had to shuffle around a little bit tonight as the Joshua had been occupied from 2 in the afternoon by a big funeral party, so we got moved into the same room as Dumb And Dumber. I know slumming it a bit lol. The Bradshaws and the Yak team tonight were squeezed into the snug, having to share it with the CheesyChipsAndBaconBits team. In the main room it’self with myself and the regular teams were occasional quiz night visitor, internet sensation Tom Cassell of The Syndicate Project and the rest of his family went by the team name, Quiz On My Face.

Tom Cassell

Click through to Just Giving…

Tom is currently trying to raise money to help fight motor neurone disease. If you can please donate at :- and in his bid to strike up further publicity for the cause dyed his hair blue.

The Yaks went by the full team name of 1 Yak Sent To Coventry as Shelagh was working away, leaving the rest of the team to battle it out without her. Yes, just in case you were wondering, she was working away in Coventry.

With Valentines Day fast approaching on Saturday, there was a need to include one or two, if not 20 Valentines Day questions, so I did. I also slipped the same theme into the music round but with some raunchy, naughty and suggestive past chart hits.

With the big day being at the other end of the week, I didn’t want the theme to dominate the quiz, so the rest of the quiz was made up of regular general knowledge questions.

It was a great and well fought out battle to the end tonight and the lead constantly changed throughout the quiz. The Dead Parrots won by a mere 4 points with the Yaks having to settle for second and CheesyChipsAndBaconBits taking third.

IMG_1682Tom’s team Quiz On My Face won the honor of being tonight’s team average and being rewarded with the Hot Spot Quiz, Mugs In The Middle Mug.

The Cash Jackpot on the big board game, Play Your Cards Right was £140 and we ended up trying 3 times to get someone to win it without success. Still, that means more for next week.

If you couldn’t make it down this week, we did miss you and would love to see you all again back with us next week. The same goes if you haven’t been in for bit, pop in and say hello, but bring your mobile phone with you.

If you haven’t yet visited the Joshua Bradley, take some time out and see the place. Not just for the quiz on a Monday but any day of the week and maybe have a meal from their award winning menu. It’s the flagship pub of the Hydes Brewery chain, in Hyde, Cheshire, delivering fine dinning, in great surroundings. You will not be disappointed.

On behalf of the Monday night staff and manager Riccardo, thanks for being with us and we’ll look forward to seeing you next week.


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05-02-15-The-Urmston-Fulltime-ScoresThursday – 5th February 2015 – The Urmston Pub

Thankfully tonight the weather outside wasn’t to frightful and as ever the company was very delightful. I was expecting the numbers to be down on last week which was phenomenal 23 teams, this week we rustled up 19 teams. Not bad at all when you consider that it’s the beginning of the month, its the week before Valentines Day weekend and we were also missing 2 vital and very important teams, due to holidays. they were Michael of Flying Solo and Buffy, Rick and Chris of Clevedon Curtains. They were obvious by their absence and very well missed.

But all in all I was more than pleased with it. I was half expecting to get around 18 teams or less but not tonight.

One of the nice things about tonight was the fact that long missed Jen gave James, Lewis and Alex a much needed boost tonight and with her vital help they went on to win tonight’s Hot Spot Quiz.

It was great to see Horse Play back with us after a couple of weeks away. I’m very aware that not all teams can attend every week and willingly try as has much as they can to be there.

The Five Fingers In Cider team are growing week by week. They started just as Three Fingers In Cider, then became Four Fingers and this week got a Fith Finger. Can you have Six Fingers In Cider? Is it possible? Is it normal? Or with they go straight for a Fist In Cider?

Moving onto our glamorous kittens, Nicola and Emma that make up team 29 ish. At first they were doing really well, but as we got into the second half of the Hot Spot Quiz, the girls started to go down in position on the score board. Although at times they did made very good use of their fast fingers on the music round and came first multiple times, easily whopping the ass of all the other teams. Sadly for them it didn’t last long.

The Fuzzyheads continued to fractionalise and we ended up with no less than three Fuzzyhead based teams. If they had only have worked together as one team that might have even won! Especially after Nicola’s brilliant efforts of last week. The same thing happened with the Dumb And Dumber who seamed to have fallen out with each other and split into Team Dumb and Team Dumber. Something tells me they just need to get along lol. They do get along really by the way.

IMG_1667[1]We only had one new team tonight, Onzio Team, who were very keen to learn, join and do the quiz for the first time. They loved it and surprised themselves by how well they did against well established and experienced teams. They came anything but last, becoming coming “team average“, in other words winning the converted Mugs In The Middle Mug for this week.

After last weeks team The Bradley’s joining us, I’m guessing it must have inspired one of our new regular teams to call themselves Dave Appreciation Society. I’m not sure if it was for my benefit or in honor of last weeks team, but it was a nice touch and welcomed by me lol.

Sick Swan held onto their favorite spot and came 3rd tonight. I don’t know how they manage it again but it’s just a weird coincidence or they have just found their own level, but 7 out of 10 times they find themselves 3rd at the end of the Hot Spot Quiz.

IMG_1674[1]Gary and Maggie and the rest of their gang made up The Flying Fecks and were over the moon to come last tonight and get the Vimto Lollies. They also went onto be drawn first on Play Your Cards Right, playing for £400 and may heart went out to them when they managed to work their way down the board with loads of terrible cards along the way. They turned down offer after offer and braved it out to the next to the last card, but come a cropper on the very last card. Last up to the board was Shaz of Carters Crowd who although she didn’t win got two chances of the game and walked away with £10 on the Envelope Game.

IMG_1669[1]We had two more attempts without anyone walking away with the biggie prize, meaning that next weeks Cash Jackpot is going to be in the region of £450. My usual thanks go out to hot totty Nicola for being my regular Dolly Dealer, doing a fabulous job as ever. Thanks hun x.

Talking of thanks, all your name’s might not have been mentioned here in tonight’s Blog Spot, or even your team names for that matter, but thanks again go out to you if you were with us tonight.

I hope to see all our missing teams with us next week, along with the rest of the rest of you Hot Spot Quiz Quizzers.

You are the life blood of The Urmston’s Thursday night and the reason everyone struggles to find not just a good spot to sit down, but any spot to sit down! The success of everyone our exciting Thursday nights is as much down to you as it is to me.

Next week, 12th February, as well as having around £450 available on Play Your Cards Right, there will be a very distinct element of Valentines Day questions about it. We’d love it if you could spend the night with us and maybe even play in couples. It’s not essential but it would be nice. There might be one or two extra prizes as well.

Myself and all The Urmston staff look forward to seeing you all next week.


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02-02-15-The-Joshua-Fulltime-ScoresMonday – 2nd February 2015 – The Joshua Bradley

Here’s my first Joshua Bradley Hot Spot Quiz review here in the Blog Spot.

Despite the weather outside being a freezing -2° c we had a very respectable turnout of seven teams. Recently joined new team The Two Veg were missing the Meat side of their team tonight were already camped in the Joshua Bradley keenly awaiting my arrival. Adam of the Cranium Collective was next as was Rosa and Shelagh, the first two of the Yak team. Tonight’s team name play on words for the Yaks was I’d Rather Yak Than Fleetwood Mac. Hot on their heals were The Dead Parrots and then everyone else all appeared. As they arrived I introduced the quiz to a brand new team It’s Tricky, who borrowed a tablet and settled in to take on the regular and established teams.

It was a very layed back quiz tonight without too much drama, until the end when we ended up with two teams tieing for first place. So to resolve the situation I asked and extra 60 point nearest wins question for a decider, but as a twist I opened it up to all the teams, meaning that the 60 points available could be snatched by any team and of course helping them possibly climb the scoreboard and maybe even take the lead.

The Cranium Collective went on to get the first two sets of 60 points shooting them right up the scoreboard, but on the third 60 pointer The Dead Parrots took the lead and consequently the win pushing The Yaks down into second place. This made The Cranium’s take a well deserved and hard fought for third place.

Meanwhile over in the annex of the bar area, The Bradshaws were the nights Mugs In The Middle, with choosing to accept the Mug on behalf of the rest of team Bradshaw.

Remember if you have won a HSQ Mug, take it on tour with you wherever you go and do some selfless selfies with your mug, ideally in front of some famous building or landmark. Easy one’s like football stadiums don’t count unless you have a top professional football player with you in the photo.

We got the cash jackpot on Play Your Cards Right up to £130. It was a two team shootout on the Big Board Game tonight with The Two Veg up against Dumb And Dumber, however neither of the two groups were in the end successful. But the being last up to the board, The Veggies went straight into The Envelope Game where they won a whopping £1. The main jackpot is rolled over to next week where we should be looking at £150 in the kitty.


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29-01-15 The Urmston - Fulltime ScoresThursday – 29th January 2015 – The Urmston Pub

Welcome to my first Thursday night review here on the Hot Spot Quiz website. In the past I have posted my quiz night reviews on my Facebook feed. I have moved it over to the website to get the blog kick started and also to open up each of the quiz nights to the rest of the world who are not on Facebook.

Last week we had a whopping 21 Teams turning out to do the quiz at The Urmston, so beating that would take some doing, especially when you consider the bad weather and the threat of heavy snow. However how wrong could I be, people were queuing up to get a place to sit. We ended up with 23 Teams, far better than we could ask for, thank you very much to everyone that turned up. I hope you all enjoyed it half as much as me, because if you did, I enjoyed it twice as much as you.

Week after week, some teams want to know exactly where they have come in the quiz and also like to have their team name, name checked so each week I’ll endevour to post the final scores for you all to take a look at. So here to the left is the score as I see them at the end of the quiz.

Along with all the regular teams, we had a few of the casual regulars turn up. Then one or two newbies came along and joined in as well. One team in particular got my attention when their team name popped up on my laptop after logging on, The Bradley’s…hmm. Nope, no relation what’s so ever but hey, even more peculiar the head of the team was celebrating his birthday and to top it off was also called David Bradley. Yes it happens, as a Wedding DJ, I have already done weddings for two other David Bradley’s. We are dead common us lol.

The quiz it’self was manic, if not only because there were so many of you and consequently because I had to run around the whole pub like an idiot collecting answers of all the teams. Many of which were complete guesses to questions that you had only heard half of. Sometimes that strategy can pay off, but most of the time, just keeps me fit lol.

One of the surprises of the night for me and I suspect them were The Fuzzy Heads who ended up in second place. No, I didn’t see it coming and neither did they, but extremely well done to Emma, Nicola and Mark. The third place went to Clevedon gang of Rick, Chris and Buffy. But the top place went to the mind machine team that are Carters Crowd of David, David, Paul and Shaz.

The Vimto Lollies as the consolation prize tonight went to the Spearmint Rhinos, who did try, they did. But nowhere near hard enough. Birthday boy David Bradley from The Bradley’s also got himself one, well it was his birthday.

Even though they came second, The Clevedon (chaos caused by a little snow) pose racked up some great points. All before they even walked in the pub. They took their Mug In The Middle Mug on a trip out to Scotland for Burns Night earlier in the week and did a great selection of selfies with it in front of some of the iconic landmarks of Edinburgh. As part of the deal to get points they posted them up on Facebook – well done guys, you rock.

The team tonight known as Bing Bong, took their HSQ Mug to Parris and also captured some great landmark mug selfies, but haven’t as of yet posted them on Facebook, but they fully intend to, to rack up some great points for next weeks quiz in advance.

This weeks winners of the treasured HSQ Mug were Maggi and Gary of team Has It Been Snowing???

If you have won a HSQ Mug, take it on tour with you wherever you go and do some selfless selfies with your mug, ideally in front of some famous building or landmark. Easy one’s like football stadiums don’t count unless you have a top professional football player with you in the photo.

We got the cash jackpot on Play Your Cards Right up to £350, we had not one but two Dolly Dealers in the shape resident hot totty Nicola and her partner in crime Emma (29ish). As things happened on the game itself, even after three attempts no one won the cash. It’s rolled over to next week where we should be looking at £400 in the kitty.

If you like tonight’s post please share it on Facebook or Twitter using the social media buttons floating to the left of this page.


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If your checking out the site at the moment it’s going through and element of change as we vamp up the design and layout to improve your viewing pleasure.

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    12 September 2014

    Ok guys if your a regular at any of my quiz nights and have your phone set to auto-update your APPs you may have noticed a change in the way it looks. It has been improved for many reasons, all good and some of the additional features that it is now capable will be introduced in the coming months.

    These include having the ability to select your own buzzer from your phone / tablet or iPad as you launch the APP, all yet to come and be activated. There are always good reasons for the updates that your phones gets all of which will become apparent as and when new features are activated.

    Those of you with older Android phones will find that in the near future some of theses handsets will no longer be supported by the APP and therefor through natural progression I advise that when you get the opportunity to upgrade your phone that you do, particularly if it is a few years old now.

    As ever I will always have three of four of my own tablets on hand to borrow of me should you be unable to use your phone or tablet. However keep in mind that my tablets are only available on a first come first served basis has they have been all along.

    A number of you that took part in the regular Thursday night quiz at the Urmston will have come across the newly updated APP as you launched it last night to do the quiz. It’s nothing to fear and will make playing the quiz each week easier to setup, do and even more fun play.

    Well done last night to Gaff Pass who on the big board game, Play Your Cards Right where bribed with £120 to walk away from the game after getting three cards away from winning the massive jackpot of £500. The annoying and frustrating thing for them was when we played the game out as they would have played it if they could have carried on, is that they would have walked away with the top jackpot of £500.

    However with our reserve Play Your Cards Right cash we can offer you £500 again next week. If you have not been in for a few weeks you probably don’t know that due to the fact nobody has won Play You Cards Right outright for months on end, that we now have not three draws to have a go at winning the Jackpot, not four or five, but six draws each week for the time being at least until someone wins the biggie.


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